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It was decided early in 2012 that Holy Cross Cathedral should be air conditioned and a Committee was formed by the previous Administrator Monsignor Pascal Nwazeapu. The membersof this Committee are the following parishioners: Chief Sena Anthony, Ms Ngozi Chibututu, Mr Toyin Pinheiro( SAN) Mr Peter Nwanze and Mr Soleye Hughes. This Committee is now headed by Fr Marcellinus Teko since December 2013. The Committee has met several times since its inception.

AC Design

The Committee engaged the services of Messrs CA Consultants, a highly reputable firm of mechanical and electrical consultants to provide professional advisory on the design and specification of an appropriate air conditioning system to satisfy the needs of the Cathedral, and alsoassist with the process to appoint a competent contractor to supply and install the air conditioning system. The principal partner Engineer Akindayomi, a Catholic brother, "pro bono" accepted to help us to professionally vet the designs and tenders received from 6 specialist air conditioning firms. After extensive negotiations with all of the contractors, Messrs San-Latunag were awarded the contract for a sum of N42,000.000(Forty two million Naira) excluding civil and electrical works.

This initial design was shown and explained to the Archbishop in thesecond quarter of 2014. At this point itbecame apparent to us all that we had to go back to redesign the air conditioning system so that it would not deface the beautiful "Gothic" architecture of the Cathedral.

Delays due to Architectural Design and Scope of Required Electrical Upgrade Works

We were able to make contact with Professor John Godwin of GHK Architects who is the Number 1 authority on Gothic architecture in Nigeria. He agreed to come on board with the project despite his busy schedule that takes him out of the country for long periods. He subsequently went to work with his team of Architects. They studied the structure of the Cathedral and produced extensive drawings of their findingsto enable us appreciate what the finished product would be like. These were presented to us at various meetings.After thorough investigations into the soundness of the existing structure, they came up with a design which best suits the Cathedral without tampering with the "architectural masterpiece" (attached)

It is of note that there is also an ongoing study to see how best to replace the existing windows of the Cathedral. We await a design and cost estimate for this from Messrs GHK Architects.

This entire re-design process has caused an unfortunate, but value added, delay to the commencement of the project as we had to virtually start the process all over again.

Matters Arising ~ Overhaul of the Electricity Supply for the Cathedral As the magnitude of the size of the project became more obvious, it became necessary that the entire electrical system of the Cathedral be redesigned. Again, reputable electrical contractors were invited to submit quotations and Messrs Mega Watts were chosen to carry out the electrical upgrade works on the recommendations of the M&E Consultants; while EKO Electricity Distribution Company was recommended to carry out the supply and installation of specialised items required for the electrical connection to the Lagos electrical infrastructure.

We should not forget that there will be civil works required - demolitions and structural support works - for the new AC system.

We propose to engage Cappa and D' Alberto the contractors who built the original structure of our Cathedralto handle the civil works due to their expertise and the delicate nature of the Cathedral's structure. We were finally able to hold meetings with them late in November 2014. We have given them the drawings and they have promised to get back to us with the likely cost implication early January 2015. GHK Architects will be holding a meeting with Cappa and D'Alberto on Friday 16th January 2015.

We therefore hope that by the first week in February 2015 work can commence fully on the project.

It should be noted that we have included all existing structural problems of the Cathedral, especially leakages, into the scope of the project, and hope that by the end of this project all such matters would have been resolved.

Indeed it has been a long wait, but on behalf of the Committee I assure you that it will have been a worthwhile wait.

Summary of Projected Costs as at November 2014






AC Equipment

San Latunag Ltd



Upgrade of Electrical System including cabling and panels

Megawatts Ltd



Procurement of transformer, RMU, Isolator, HT/LT cables and statutory charges for power connection to the EKEDC infrastructure.

Eko Electricity Distribution Company/ Grid Engineering Services Ltd



Civil Works

Cappa and D'Alberto Ltd

Yet to be awarded


Professional Fee - M&E Consultancy

CA Consultants



Professional Fee& reimbursable expenses - Architect

GHK Architects

Yet to be negotiated


Professional Fee- structural engineer

Sanni, Ojo & Partners

Yet to be negotiated


Professional fee & reimbursable expenses- Quantity surveyor

Jabak Consultants

Yet to be negotiated